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Why hire a college consultant?

The college admissions process begins long before the junior or senior year. Some parents begin thinking about where their children will attend college as soon as their children are born.  Even in such cases, very few parents are experts in the college search and admissions process. In today’s competitive environment, it is essential that one is familiar with the process, requirements and choices involved when seeking the best possible college match.


This is why a college consultant is an invaluable asset. When parents try to play the leading role in helping their children prepare for, seek out and apply to colleges, stress levels often soar. Children sense their parents’ stress, which adds to their already natural trepidation.


A college consultant’s sole purpose is to help students and parents navigate the process to find and attend a college that is an intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, geographic and financial fit while allowing the parents to play the supporting role. Just as one would hire an attorney to help with litigation and a financial planner when investing in the market, it is wise to invest in a college consultant before making the significant emotional, intellectual and financial investment that attending a college requires. 


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